Minimishima17490_High Res

Minamishima, Melbourne

The art of sushi is a complex and intriguing one given the minimalistic nature of the ingredients.

Small errors in rice making can overthrow the delicate balance of flavor and texture, while an unskilled hand allowed to fillet and de-bone can completely destroy the integrity of the fish. Luckily, you will encounter none of these atrocities at Minamishima in Melbourne. Just take a look at these photos. Clearly, a master is at work here.


Like the sushi, the restaurant’s design is built from the utmost respect for quality. The 40 seat stunner boasts a sleek interior that mimmicks its offerings; clean, unencumbered and traditional at heart with a modern look.



Minimishima17962_High Res

Minimishima17490_High Res



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