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The 7-Step Face-Cleansing Ritual That Will Also Nourish Your Soul

Did you know that something as simple as cleansing your face can not only make your skin healthy, but also make you feel less stressed? Yes, you read that right, but only if you do it right. What do we mean? According to some studies, introducing rituals—meaningful sets of actions rather than mindless, mundane habits—to your daily life supports mental, emotional and spiritual well-being and can alleviate anxiety. This is the main idea behind EVE LOM’s 7-step massage. And it’s not just that: This multistep cleansing ritual is also proven to encourage improved blood circulation, muscle tone and lymphatic drainage while helping eliminate toxins. If done once a week, it transforms dull, blotchy, congested skin into a flawless, radiant complexion. Read on to learn how it’s done.


Eve Lom


 Smooth the EVE LOM CLEANSER over a dry face and neck. Then, beginning behind the ears, apply deep pressure with the pads of your fingertips and circle down to the collarbone. Repeat 3 times. If tender or painful, this step should be repeated each night until tenderness disappears and a smooth flow is re-established.

 Place the fingers in the center of the forehead, from brow bone to hairline. Press firmly, hold for a count of 5, and release. Move fingers slightly outward, press, hold and release again. Repeat across the forehead, finishing at the temples.

 Place three fingers under the eyes on either side of the nose and, with the hands almost flat, apply pressure, hold for a count of 5 and release. Continue in small steps, working down to the jawline.

 Place fingers above the upper lip, press firmly, hold for a count of 5 and release. Continue around to the corners of the mouth. Repeat 3 times.

STEP 5: Spread fingers wide like a fan and place under the cheekbones and press, hold for a count of 5 and release. Continue in small steps working down to the jawline.

 Place thumbs under the chin and fingers above it. Press, hold for a count of 5 and release. Continue along the jawline, finishing under the ears.

 To complete the massage, hold the muslin cloth soaked in hot water over the entire face, take a deep breath through the nose. Hold the muslin in place for a count of 7. Repeat 3 times. Rinse out the cloth and remove all traces of CLEANSER by using circular exfoliating movements. Rinse the cloth in cold water and apply to the face to close pores and complete the cleanse.

There you have it. Stock up on the iconic CLEANSER from EVE LOM and make cleansing your skin as good for your skin as it is for your soul.

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